Your Name Exhaust System is responsible for expelling new name ideas that fail to meet all the criteria for a desirable new name. The System works by evaluating new name ideas for appropriateness and fit, ease of pronunciation and spelling, uniqueness, depth, identity design potential, and, if applicable, linguistic and cultural viability. If your exhaust system expels more than 90% of your names you should consider reactivating your Creative Fuel Injection System and developing more names.

Naming Tip Use style to convey substance. If you want to be seen as friendly and casual, don't use a four-syllable Latin word. If you want to position yourselves as pioneers, try a tone or naming construction that's unusual—better yet, unheard of—in your industry. Do you think that ComputerPlanet would have made the splash that Apple did?

Caution Don't decide by committee. Limit the number of stakeholders involved in name selection, and be willing to let the most marketing-savvy participants drive the decision. When you insist on total agreement from everyone, what usually survives is the lowest common denominator. Sure, it doesn't offend anybody—but will it actually attract people?

Caution Choose names that are relevant to your target audience, not just names that you like or that have meaning to you alone.

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