Onboard naming navigator

A brand name should be destined for your customers' hearts and minds. To make sure you reach your destination, activate your Onboard Naming Navigator before embarking and set a course for relevance.

creative fuel-injection system (cfi)

Your Creative Fuel-Injection System supplies creative inspiration to the name development process. It is your creative workhorse, and the generator of all brainstorming exercises. CFIs are usually more powerful than carbureted systems, though it's not necessary to monitor output since more creative is always better than less.

name exhaust system

Your Name Exhaust System is responsible for expelling new name ideas that fail to meet all the criteria for a desirable new name. The System works by evaluating new name ideas for appropriateness, uniqueness, and other new name criteria.

Caution Don't expect your names to immediately sound as awesome as existing brand names that have benefitted from millions of ad/marketing dollars.

rear & side-view mirrors

With ever-increasing competition, the commercial roads have become incredibly congested in recent years. Fortunately, your marketing vehicle comes equipped with both Rear & Side-View Mirrors for spotting and avoiding competitive brand names on the road. Feel free to glance in your mirrors as often as you like, but avoid changing lanes until you've activated your Onboard Naming Navigator and arrived at relevance.

anti-lock naming system

Anti-Lock Naming is a system of sensors that alerts you to pigeonholing—the propensity for a name to limit itself to only one brand feature or benefit. To ensure that your new brand name has the flexibility to venture into new brand territories and to explore new directions, always make sure that you've activated your Anti-Lock Naming System.

theft prevention system

You've put a lot of time, energy and love into the development of your new brand name. It only makes sense that you ensure it's available for your use, and that you'll be able to prevent others from using it. Brand name theft is not uncommon, and if you live in an urban center it behooves you to take precautions, and do your own due diligence. To assist you, we've equipped your vehicle with a Theft Prevention System.

Naming Tip Involve all key stakeholders from beginning to end. If some senior decision makers can’t participate, arrange to have periodic meetings with them to update them on your shortlists, names you plan to screen, and final candidates.

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